A Platform for Senior, Experienced Counsel

SkyCounsel is the next evolution of the law firm model, offering a turnkey solution for senior counsel.

In the course of establishing SkyLaw, Kevin identified an increasing disconnect between cost pressures on traditional firms and client demands for more efficient delivery of legal services. In an attempt to bridge this gap, he drew on ideas that were already in play in the legal and other industries, combined them with current technological advances, and created an innovative practice platform for established legal practitioners: The SkyCounsel Group.

Members of SkyCounsel have access to office space, junior lawyers, law clerks, student interns, coordinators and administrative assistants who together provide top-quality support as well as opportunities for leverage. But by working together on a unified platform, members also benefit from knowledge-sharing and business referral opportunities. SkyCounsel provides all the benefits of a law firm but is not a partnership. SkyCounsel members practise in association under the SkyCounsel banner. Members are independent from each other, do not share profits and are free to initiate business opportunities and develop client relationships.
For all of the above, membership in SkyCounsel involves only one simple, fixed monthly fee. By uncoupling overhead from revenues, members can more easily establish fee structures that benefit both the client and the lawyer. We welcome inquiries from senior lawyers at large firms and small firms, retired partners and in-house counsel.